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Preparing a repository for testing

December 20, 2011

Of course you have to provide a web app being accepted by the test script.

But moreover you

  • have to submit it in a public git repository (github being a good choice)
  • provide an installation script

An example of the latter one can be studied here. What are the requirements?

First, the script has to reside in the root of the repo and be called It has to be executable. And it has to take care that your app is available locally under some URL. Your script must store this URL in the file probe.url in its working directory.

The example looks like this:

mvn install
sudo cp target/travel.war $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
sudo service tomcat6 start
sleep 10
echo "http://localhost:8080/travel/hotels/search" > probe.url

The example project is mavenized, so it is first built (installed) and then copied to the tomcat web app directory. Tomcat is one of the pre-installed components, see below.

Tomcat is then started. After a 10 second wait, the URL is written to the file mentioned and the script terminates, initiating the actual test.

Pre-installed components currently are (ask us – more components are likely to be installed):

  • git
  • Java SDK 1.6.0
  • Tomcat 6
  • ant
  • maven

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