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Performing a production test

December 20, 2011

This is the current semi-automatic procedure to perform a tagsobe production-quality test.

  1. checkout
  2. ec2-run-instances -t m1.small -k ec_pair ami-31814f58
  3. ec2-describe-instances | cut -f1,2
    take the instance id as $EC2INST, the hostname as $EC2NAME
  4. scp -i ~/.ec2/ec_pair.pem tagsobe/aws/ tagsobe/aws/ tagsobe/aws/.bash_profile ec2-user@$EC2NAME:
  5. ssh -i ~/.ec2/ec_pair.pem ec2-user@$EC2NAME
  6. chmod u+x *.sh
  8. <git-repository to test>
  9. exit
  10. ec2-terminate-instances $EC2INST
  11. check mail for results
  12. publish them on tagsobe

If you need to add another user:

  1. ssh -i ~/.ec2/ec_pair.pem ec2-user@$EC2NAME
  2. sudo adduser tester
  3. sudo su tester –
  4. ssh-keygen -t dsa (return to all questions)
  5. mv ~tester/.ssh/ ~tester/.ssh/authorized_keys
  6. exit
  7. sudo visudo (tester eintragen)
  8. sudo cp ~tester/.ssh/id_dsa .
  9. sudo chmod a+r id_dsa
  10. exit
  11. scp -i ~/.ssh/ec_pair.pem ec2-user@$EC2NAME:id_dsa tester.pem

Send tester.pem to the other user, tell him to:

  1. save tester.pem
  2. chmod go-rwx tester.pem
  3. ssh -i tester.pem tester@$EC2NAME

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